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Azure VMs and Storage Price Reductions

Andrew Gravell
Azure VMs and Storage Price Reductions
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On Feb 6 2017, Microsoft announced price drops for Azure Virtual Machines and Blob Storage.  Here is the blog post from Microsoft.  The price reduction is specifically for A1 Basic, F-Series, and Cool and Hot Block Blob Storage types.  These price drops make sure that the Microsoft Azure pricing is competitive to the AWS’s price drop in December 2016.   As noted in the Microsoft announcement, there are also plans for an additional price drop on the D-series general purpose VMs.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the price drops shared by Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure Compute VM Price Drop

Region% F Linux price drop% F Windows price drop% A1 Basic Linux price drop% A1 Basic Windows price drop
US Central15%5%34%44%
US East22%14%34%46%
US East 20%0%0%3%
US North Central15%5%34%44%
US South Central2%0%29%41%
US West3%2%9%9%
US West 21%1%4%11%
US West Central2%0%29%41%
US Gov5%12%0%0%
CA Central18%18%38%51%
CA East11%11%32%46%
EU North5%0%11%11%
EU West11%8%0%10%
DE Central13%9%10%11%
DE Northeast13%9%10%11%
UK North23%18%54%61%
UK South23%18%42%51%
UK South 223%18%54%61%
UK West23%18%42%51%
AP East23%11%17%30%
AP Southeast15%15%19%22%
AU East5%6%20%18%
AU Southeast4%6%30%45%
JA East0%0%0%0%
JA West0%0%0%0%
IN Central20%12%21%17%
IN South12%3%21%31%
IN West24%17%33%41%
KR Central0%0%0%0%
KR South0%0%0%0%

Microsoft Azure Storage Price Drop

Region% Hot price dropNew Hot price (LRS)New Hot GRS priceNew Hot RA-GRS price
US Central23%0.01840.03680.046
US East13%0.02080.04580.0589
US East 223%0.01840.03680.046
US North Central13%0.02080.04160.052
US South Central23%0.01840.03680.046
US West13%0.02080.04580.0478
US West 223%0.01840.03680.046
US West Central23%0.01840.03680.046
CA Central31%0.02000.040.05
CA East23%0.02000.040.05
EU North8%0.02200.03680.046
EU West18%0.01960.03920.049
DE Central24%0.02100.0419440.05243
DE Northeast24%0.02100.0419440.05243
UK North26%0.02300.046080.0576
UK South26%0.01920.03840.048
UK South 226%0.02300.046080.0576
UK West26%0.01920.03840.048
AP East0%0.02400.0480.06
AP Southeast17%0.02000.040.05
AU East24%0.02000.040.05
AU Southeast24%0.02000.040.05
JA East17%0.02000.040.05
JA West17%0.02000.040.05
IN Central24%0.02000.040.05
IN South0%0.02380.04760.0595
IN West0%0.03040.06080.076
KR CentralN/A0.020.040.05
KR SouthN/A0.020.040.05


Region% Cool price dropNew Cool price (LRS)New Cool GRS priceNew Cool RA-GRS price
US Central0%
US East11%0.01520.03340.0425
US East 20%
US North Central5%0.01520.03040.038
US South Central0%
US West11%0.01520.03340.035
US West 20%
US West Central0%
CA Central8%0.0110.0220.0275
CA East0%0.0110.0220.0275
EU North0%
EU West0%
DE Central0%0.01150.0230.02875
DE Northeast0%0.01150.0230.02875
UK North37%0.01260.02520.0315
UK South38%0.01050.0210.02625
UK South 237%0.01260.02520.0315
UK West38%0.01050.0210.02625
AP East0%0.0160.0320.04
AP Southeast0%0.0160.0320.04
AU East0%0.0150.030.0375
AU Southeast0%0.0150.030.0375
JA East0%0.0150.030.0375
JA West0%0.0150.030.0375
IN Central5%0.01520.03040.038
IN South0%0.0150.030.0375
IN West0%0.01730.03460.04325
KR CentralN/A0.01440.02880.036
KR SouthN/A0.01440.02880.036

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