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Microsoft Azure Storage Service is Down across Multiple Regions on March 15

Andrew Gravell
Microsoft Azure Storage Service is Down across Multiple Regions on March 15
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People are having trouble to access some of the Azure storage accounts in East US, West US, and multiple other Americas regions today.  If you are one of the victims that receive the error ‘Asset was not available’ or ‘The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found’ from your storage account, be aware that Microsoft has identified the root cause of the problem, and they are actively working on it.

Asset was not available

In the afternoon of March 15, the Microsoft Azure Status page shows the following information on storage accounts across all Americas regions.

By 9PM, March 15th, only East US still shows warning.  And because of the storage outage, almost all Azure services in East US are impacted to some extent.


According to Microsoft, the Storage provisioning is impacting multiple services:

Summary of impact: Starting at 22:42 on the 15th Mar to 00:00 UTC on the 16th Mar 2017, due to an underlying storage incident, other Azure services that leverage Storage may have experienced service management issues. This incident is limited to service management operations, and existing Storage resources were not impacted. Virtual Machines or Cloud Services customers may have experienced failures when attempting to provision resources. Storage customers would have been unable to provision new Storage resources or perform service management operations on existing resources. Azure Search customers may have been be unable to create, scale, or delete services. Azure Monitor customers may have been be unable to turn on diagnostic settings for resources. Azure Site Recovery customers may have experienced replication failures. API Management service activation in South India may have experienced a failure. Azure Batch customers will have been unable to provision new resources. During this time all existing Azure Batch pools would have scheduled tasks as normal. EventHub customers using a service called ‘Archive’ may have experienced failures. Customers using Visual Studio Team Services Build will have experienced failures. Azure Portal may have been unable to access storage account management operations and would have been unable to deploy new accounts.

Preliminary root cause: Engineers have identified a software error as the potential root cause.

Mitigation: Engineers have applied a patch and mitigated the issue.

Additional information: Engineers have observed around 50% of success rate during the impacted window. Most customers would have succeeded upon retries.

Next steps: Full detailed Root Cause Analysis will be published approximately in 72 hours.

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