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Monthly Cloud Update: January 2017

Andrew Gravell
Monthly Cloud Update: January 2017
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Azure Monthly: Key Azure Updates in January 2017

AWS Monthly: Key AWS Updates in January 2017

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Business News

Kubernetes tool saves eBay from its OpenStack woes InfoWorld. January 5thTessMaster has helped eBay make containers its preferred code deployment method — and speaks volumes about OpenStack’s future role there.


Business News

Rackspace’s Jeff Cotten promoted to president  ZDNet. January 11th.   Rackspace’s senior vice president Jeff Cotten has been promoted to president, the managed cloud company announced Tuesday. Cotten will take on the new role starting February 1. Cotten reported directly to CEO Taylor Rhodes, leading Rackspace’s global sales teams and the international business unit. He’ll also oversee Rackspace’s fastest growing new lines of business, including Fanatical Support for AWS and Rackspace Managed Security.


Business News

Salesforce Einstein promises AI applications that ‘just work’ ZDNet. January 10th.  Salesforce takes an apps-first approach​ with Einstein artificial intelligence. It’s a contrast to public cloud AI offerings and a lesson learned from Salesforce Wave.

Salesforce Announces Grand Opening of New Seattle Area Engineering & Innovation Hub January 18th. The new Bellevue office will house one of the company’s largest Engineering & Innovation Hubs and is located at the Nine Two Nine Office Tower building, where the company will be the largest tenant. In the coming months, Salesforce plans to double its workforce in Bellevue to nearly 500, helping the company deliver new innovations to its more than 150,000 customers around the world.

Alibaba Cloud

Business News

Asean storage moves towards hybrid model Tech Target. January 11th.  To answer the growing demand for cloud storage, new cloud suppliers are setting up datacenters in the region. Southeast Asia’s cloud market is already well populated by the big players – AWS, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Oracle – and a host of smaller datacenter and managed IT services providers. Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud have both set up in Singapore recently to attract Asean customers.

Technology News

Alibaba taps middleware, big data as cloud differentiators ZDNet. January 16th.  Chinese e-commerce giant wants to stand out from its cloud competitors with “internet-ready middleware” offerings developed from its own experience handling massive online transactions.


Business News

Dropbox makes inroads in healthcare vertical  ZDNet. January 9th.  Dropbox on Monday announced a series of new customers in the healthcare and medical research fields, giving the cloud-based file sharing company a big boost in its pursuit for more paying customers in the healthcare vertical.

Arcadia Data Launches Visual Analytics Platform Native to Cloudera Enterprise Database Trends and Applications. January 11th.   Arcadia Data, a provider of visual analytics software, has added new native integration features for Arcadia Enterprise and Cloudera Enterprise to deliver a real-time, Hadoop-native analytics platform.

Smoothing the Path to the Cloud Virtualization Review. January 11th. Apollo Cloud gives a group of up to 10 users 4TB to store and share data that doesn’t require payment of recurring fees. This device can live behind the organization’s firewall and still provide cloud storage services.

Pentagon advances cloud strategy with on-prem services from Smartronix, Dell ZDNet. January 18th. The US Defense Department is on a mission to reduce its IT costs and improve its cybersecurity by reducing its IT footprint, both physically and virtually. The department aims to reach that goal by building a hybrid cloud environment, which includes on-premise managed services provided by Smartronix and the Dell Technologies family of businesses.

Oracle Reveals Additional Build-out of Oracle Cloud in 2017  eWeek. January 17th. The regional expansion of Oracle’s cloud geography will include London, Turkey and Reston, Va., which are expected to come online by mid-2017.

Oracle Enhances Cloud Platform and Extends Cloud Services In North America and EMEA Database Trends and Applications. January 18th.  At Oracle CloudWorld in New York City, Oracle unveiled new enhancements to the Oracle Cloud Platform to help customers move business-critical applications to the cloud.

Alooma Enables the Real-Time Enterprise with Data Pipelines to Cloud Warehouses Inside Big Data. January 25th. Alooma, the modern data pipeline company, today announced the general availability of the Alooma service which creates secure pipelines that stream data in real-time from any source including databases, applications, APIs, etc. to leading cloud data warehouse platforms for faster business decision-making.

Nimbix Unveils Expanded Cloud Product Strategy for Enterprises and Developers Inside Big Data. January 29th. Nimbix, a leading provider of high performance and cloud supercomputing services, announced its new combined product strategy for enterprise computing, end users and developers.

Infographic: 2017 State of the Cloud Information Week. January 30th. Is private cloud on its way out and is hybrid cloud practical? This infographic provides a snapshot of key data points from our 2017 State of the Cloud report.

Technology News

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Hits Beta Server Watch. January 5th.  Red Hat today released a beta of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.9 platform, providing a preview of the next incremental update for the company’s older supported release.

Red Hat needs to get real about the cloud InfoWorld. January 4th.  Red Hat ended 2016 with a precipitous 12 percent drop in its stock price, courtesy of its CFO’s departure and lighter-than-expected revenues. Losing a CFO to a grass-is-greener CEO spot isn’t a big deal, but the revenue outlook is because it points to an ever-shrinking addressable market for the on-premise infrastructure software that has made Red Hat the only billion-dollar open source company in existence.

Popularity of application containers begins to shadow DevOps, PaaS Tech Target. January 11th.  The application container market is growing at an astounding pace, mimicking its rapidly rising popularity in the enterprise. What are the drivers and implications of that trend?

The Cloud In 2017: Unleashing The Apps Network Computing. January 4th.  For 10 years now, we’ve been talking about cloud and more quietly, the network infrastructure that makes it possible. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, either, because it’s the abstraction and subsequent orchestration of the network infrastructure that’s made cloud what it is today — and it’s not finished maturing yet.

Why Kubernetes Is All-Conquering Server Watch. January 2nd.  Kubernetes is at the heart of many existing container management systems — such as CoreOS’s Tectonic commercial Kubernetes platform — and recently Microsoft announced it was integrating Kubernetes deep into its public cloud.

Big Data 2017: The future is cloudy ZDNet. January 3rd.  While machine learning and IoT grab the headlines, in 2017, cloud adoption will become the sleeper story of Big Data.

Cloud Adds New Dimension to the Data Security Challenge Database Trends and Applications. January 3rd. As enterprises accelerate their movement of data into the cloud, a slew of new challenges are presenting themselves on the security front. For users of external or public cloud services, the risks are well understood. However, private and hybrid clouds are not immune to security vulnerabilities either. Thanks to private clouds, data is proliferating across various parts of the enterprise, along with the potential for insider abuse.

Container technology market to grow 40% a year, analysts predict ZDNet. January 17th. Container technologies are still a relatively small part of the overall cloud and application portability market, but this is changing rapidly. Containers are the fast-growing class of tools, growing at an annual clip of 40%. This will be one of the most widely adopted cloud tools, surpassing OpenStack, PaaS, and other offerings.

Adapting InfiniBand for High Performance Cloud Computing The Next Platform. January 17th. When it comes to low-latency interconnects for high performance computing, InfiniBand immediately springs to mind. On the most recent Top 500 list, over 37% of systems used some form of InfiniBand – the highest representation of any interconnect family. Since 2009, InfiniBand has occupied between 30 and 51 percent of every Top 500 list.

Should the cloud close the front door to the database? ZDNet. January 17th. The recent MongoDB ransomware hack in the cloud that made headlines earlier this week raises questions as to whether cloud platform providers should take the initiative in babysitting their most negligent customers.

Trump administration threatens net neutrality, cloud and IoT Network World. January 18th. Outgoing FCC chairman Tom Wheeler urges his successors not to undo controversial open internet order, which he says is key to a vibrant cloud computing marketplace.

Public Cloud Providers are on a European building spree  ZDNet. January 19th.  Major public cloud vendors are expanding beyond their first European locations, offering flexibility, choice and compliance to technology leaders.

Who’s cashing in on containers? Look to the cloud InfoWorld. January 20th. Thanks to Docker, container adoption has been huge. The benefits to developers have been, too. But the revenue isn’t going where you might expect.

Oracle’s new cloud push won’t be easy InfoWorld. January 24th. Oracle executives last week revealed the results of years’ worth of work on its IaaS public cloud, including the announcement of a new bare-metal cloud database service and an international expansion.

Oracle Expands Startup Accelerator Program to Promote Global Cloud Innovation Database Trends and Applications. January 26th. Oracle is opening new centers in Bristol, Delhi–NCR, Mumbai, Paris, São Paulo, Singapore, and Tel Aviv as part of its expanding Startup Cloud Accelerator program to spur cloud-enabled innovation.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Keynotes and Full Agenda for CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe PRNewswire. January 26th.  The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is sustaining and integrating open source technologies to orchestrate containers of microservices, today announced the program and agenda for CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe, taking place March 29-30 in Berlin.


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Andrew Gravell is a Microsoft Azure MVP, and an expert on many other cloud platforms such as AWS, VMware, Google, OpenStack and IBM.

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