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SAP Hana on Google Cloud Platform vs Microsoft Azure

Andrew Gravell
SAP Hana on Google Cloud Platform vs Microsoft Azure
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One of the biggest announcements in Google Cloud Next ’17 is SAP Hana on GCP.  Google is positioning itself as the infrastructure provider for SAP HANA applications which is SAP’s next generation application architecture based on in-memory database technology. Typically, customers running SAP Hana applications also have the need for other data analytics services like Machine Learning to transform data into insight and action. Google is attempting to address this scenario with its collaboration across ML and SAP.

In comparison with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure has been certified for HANA across non-production and production scenarios.

SAP and Microsoft usher in new era of partnership to accelerate digital transformation in the cloud

Azure offers market leading support for SAP HANA workloads

Google Cloud is only certified for 208GB RAM per node, Azure provides up to 4TB per node for HANA and is well ahead of what Google Cloud supports today.  Azure has also been certified for SAP HANA Express for over two years now, so again Azure is well ahead of Google Cloud here.   Azure customers have been leveraging SAP applications with Azure Machine Learning to drive insight and action.  Examples of customers doing this are Coats and RockWell Automation.

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