Master Linux in 5 Days

1 Course Overview

1 Course Overview
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welcome to the learn Linux and five days course on day one you'll learn what linux is how it came to be and some of its strengths and weaknesses you'll also learn a few different methods to gaining access to an already installed and running Linux system if you want to learn how to install Linux on your own don't worry you'll learn how to do that too finally on day one we'll talk about the various ways to connect to a lending system and a software you'll need to do so you'll start out day 2 by learning about the Linux directory structure and where various components of the operating system reside next you'll get an introduction to the Linux command line interface and learn some of the most essential and often use commands even the most experienced Linux users need help from time to time and you'll learn how and where to find that as well you'll also learn about the super user account why it exists and when you need to use it you'll wrap up day 2 by learning some directory shortcuts and how to navigate about the file system day 3 will include lessons on file and directory permissions you'll learn how to read permissions what they mean and how to set them you'll also pick up some tips on working with groups and the permissions you should use when doing so next you'll learn two commands that will help you find any file or directory on a Linux system you'll learn how to view the contents of files and how to edit them we'll also cover command line editors as well as editors that you can use in a graphical environment you'll start out day 4 by learning how to delete copy move and rename files and directories you'll tackle input and output redirection before learning how to compare the contents of files and directories next I'll show you how to search for data within files you'll learn how to customize your command line shell prompt to your liking and learn how to use aliases finally on day 4 you'll learn how to transfer data between your local operating system and a Linux host you'll even learn how to copy files from one Linux system to another the final day you'll learn how to examine and manipulate processes and jobs you'll learn how to automate tasks and make them recurring events we'll talk about how to switch between users on a Linux system too you'll also pick up some tips that will greatly speed up your workflow at the command line finally you'll wrap up the course with learning how to find install update and remove software


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