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6 Installing Linux Using an Image for VirtualBox

6 Installing Linux Using an Image for VirtualBox
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this process is outlined in the supplemental material that has attached to this video the first thing we want to do is download a linux VDI or a virtual disk image to do that we'll go to VirtualBox images com in this case I'm looking for cintas I'm going to find that in the right hand column and i'm looking for a desktop there it is now I'm just going to click the download link and let that start downloading if you follow the document that's attached to this video you won't have to search around their website in order to download the image I've provided links to the page and the direct download link for you as well while that one is loading let's look for a boon to you don't have to download both images you can just pick one and download it you can look at the cintas page and see if that appeals to you in any way if it does download that one if it doesn't try a boon to the files that you download or actually archives so we'll need some sort of software to extract the contents of those archives for windows will use free when on our AR open up a web browser and search in google for fw I n you n AR AR go pull up the website and then download the installation file to perform the installation open the file and accept the defaults in this case just click install and then close now you can find the archive that you downloaded right click on it and click extract and you can see that in there were three files for Mac users we can use on our ARX download that from you n ra RX com once it's downloaded double click on the zip archive to extract it and then drag that to your Applications folder to contents of the archive just double-click on the file that you downloaded you and you can see that in this arc there were three files from this point on the this is the same whether you're using Windows or Mac start virtualbox click new give your virtual machine a name either centos or Ubuntu you can leave the RAM at the default if you have extra you can add some more choose use an existing virtual hard drive file click the folder and navigate to where you extracted the virtual disk image you click create now click on Oh to start your virtual machine in this six centos you can see that it boots up you at the login screen I will password that is in the documentation as of right now that username and password is admin user you now that we see it work so I'm just going to close the web browser and shut down that list now you have your very own copy of that you can use with this course


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