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Summary of Google Cloud Next ’17 – Day 1 Announcements

NEXT '17
Summary of Google Cloud Next ’17 – Day 1 Announcements
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Google Cloud Platform is holding the annual conference Google Next this week from March 8th to Mach 10th in San Francisco.

Here are the key product and service announcements from Day 1.

SAP Announcements

The following announcements were made:

  • AP Hana on GCP
  • SAP Hana Express edition available on GC Launcher
  • SAP cloud platform to run on GCP
  • SAP with GCP: collaboration on data custodian capabilities
  • SAP and GCP: Machine Learning Collaboration
  • Better integrations between G Suite and SAP Applications

Google is positioning itself as the infrastructure provider for SAP HANA applications which is SAP’s next generation application architecture based on in-memory database technology. Typically, customers running SAP Hana applications also have the need for other data analytics services like Machine Learning to transform data into insight and action. Google is attempting to address this scenario with its collaboration across ML and SAP.

AI Announcements

  • Vision API enhancements
    Google made incremental improvements to its vision API, including the expansion of API metadata and the enhanced optical character recognition.  Customers are essentially able to handle a wider variety of images, and even being able to take characters in a scanned image (think numbers, letters) and converting them to text.
  • Video Intelligence API
    Google announced a new cognitive capability: Video Intelligence API.  This API can analyze video and add labels or tags of entities like animals, people, or actions like running, flying.
    Users can then search for videos that contain these things in them.
  • Acquisition of Kaggle
    Google has acquired Kaggle, the world’s largest, most active data science communities (at somewhere between 500-800k data scientists.)  Kaggle is a community that allows for users to
    run code in the cloud, receive community feedback, gain access to high quality data sources, and lets Al enthusiasts climb the world’s most elite machine learning leaderboards.
  • Advanced Solutions Lab
    Advanced Solutions Lab allows business to partner with Google ML experts at Google facilities to apply ML to solve real business challenges. It also allows co panies to train under the same program that Google created to train their own employees.




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